Leo Straub's Admonishments of Doom

Sunday, April 24, 2005


Is it just me, or do "Predators" look like Jamaicans. I’m sure I’m not the first person to think this. Now, I’m not saying that Jamaicans are blood-thirsty, knife-up-their-sleeve, aliens. Well... Not all of them. But, with the dreadlocks, rough face, and demonic yet musical like tone when they scream it becomes almost uncanny. Come to think of it... Doesn’t the aliens from "Aliens" give you that Japanese monster feeling. Kind of makes you wonder just how long Hollywood has been influenced by foreign powers.

OK granted when my grandfather was in the civil war he was probably wondering to himself if those "Gooks" were aliens themselves. But, doubt it’s very fair to compare an entire race with an alien one. Come on Hollywood, get back to the days when monsters were things like Freddy, Jason, and Tootsie. Stop trying to shove your politics down our throat through scary movies and action films. Don’t think I didn’t catch the political tie-ins with "Last Action Hero". Just entertain us. If you want to be in politics, join Michael Moore crying next to some actress pretending to care.